what drug makes you lose weight fast

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鈥淯ppers鈥?or stimulants accelerate metabolic rate to a degree that causes significant weight loss.Cocaine and amphetaminesare a couple of examples of stimulants. Since uppers speed up the metabolic process, the body cannot effectively store many nutrients correctly.

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  • What are the effects of fast weight loss pills?

  • Assuming she means fast instant weight loss as fast progressing fat loss all in a pill. THe leading effect of both prescription and over the counter medication is decreasing appetite. All the medications that increase metabolism by increasing body temperature are illegal in the US.

  • What is the best medication for weight loss?

  • Medications for Weight Loss 1 phentermine. 2 Adipex-P. 3 Belviq. 4 Qsymia. 5 megestrol. 6 … (more items)

  • Can drugs make you lose weight?

  • This could be a contributing factor to their weight loss. While lack of appetite was previously thought to be the main reason that many people abusing drugs like cocaine or meth would lose weight, now research suggests that changes in metabolism are more impactful. 1,2 Many of these illicit drugs that cause weight loss are stimulants.

  • What is the FDA鈥檚 opinion on weight loss pills?

  • The United States Food and Drug Administration has stated that this drug is fraudulent and ineffective for weight loss. It is also not protected as a homeopathic drug and has been deemed an illegal substance.

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