how to lose weight when your 50

Do flyers have to be skinny?

No, flyers do not necessarily have to be skinny. They just need to maintain a proper weight so that the routine can be a lot easier. Flyers should keep a specific body type for easy delivery of stunts. They must develop a lean frame in cheerleading.

What makes a good flyer in cheerleading?

The flyer is a crucial position in cheerleading. You have the responsibility to wow the crowd and communicate to the audience. A good flyer must display outstanding body awareness, control, and balance. These elements are essential to delivering successful stunts.

Is being a flyer in cheerleading dangerous?

Cheerleading, in general, is a dangerous sport. Any position in cheer can be risky. However, the flyer position is riskier due to the tossing, lifting, and acrobats done in the air. Stunts can put flyers and bases at risk for head concussions and fractures too.

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